Property Office

The Property Office is responsible for ensuring all University property is tagged, trackable and accounted for from the receipt of delivery to the retirement of such goods.  

Services include tagging and monitoring San Francisco State University equipment, making adjustments to Property records when tagged assets are transferred, performing physical inventories and conducting sales of surplus equipment. For more information please see Property Manual Policies & Procedures.

Please note that our staff are often out of office on campus conducting inventories and tagging property. 

Contacting the Property Office

For more information feel free to contact us directly.

Grover Rudolph, (415) 405-3584, or Daniel Mackie, (415) 338-1365,


Inventory is purchased with state funds and we are required to know its whereabouts at all times.   Property Management tracks all assets over $1,000 from the delivery of a shipment to the retirement of the property. This includes all purchases over $1,000 made on P-Cards. The Property Office works with the P-Card Team to tag all asset items purchased on P-Cards. Once an item is received, an Asset Bar Code is attached to it so the Property Office can track its location.

The Property Office conducts an inventory of University-owned assets every two years to maintain a total account of all university property. This is done in collaboration with the Fiscal Affairs Department. Each department is responsible for maintaining an accurate account of all of its assets. As possessors of assets, all departments are required to inform the Property Office of any asset movement, including transfers of assets between departments, using the Property Relocation or Transfer Form (PDF).

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When a department is ready to get rid of an asset, a Property Survey Request Form (PDF) must be completed and submitted to the Property Office.

The department must contact the Property Office prior to disposing of any University-owned item.

Departments are encouraged to contact the Property Office to access alternatives for disposing of assets, including a public surplus auction, donation to a 501(c)(3) or other state entities, or other sustainable methods.

Public Surplus

Public Surplus is a program  for University departments that enables them to sell department-owned items that are no longer in use, not working or otherwise disposable. Items auctioned through Public Surplus can provide additional funds for each department’s use. Each department is responsible for transporting items for auction to the Property Office or informing the Property Office of the specific location of items that are too heavy for transportation on campus. Public Surplus is handled by the Property Office, and as such the Property Office decides if an item will be auctioned and the sale price.

Questions regarding whether a departmental item may be auctioned should be directed to the Property Office: Grover Rudolph, (415) 405-3584, or Daniel Mackie, (415) 338-1365,

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