Welcome to the website of the Procurement Department. Our goal is to provide assistance in purchasing goods and services for San Francisco State University through efficient management of the procurement process while ensuring compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and California State University policies. This includes identifying the right procurement pathway for the service or product you are looking for and helping you and your team select and procure the items that present the best value for the University.

We recommend that you include the Procurement team early in your process of selecting a product or a vendor. We are here to help and happy to provide advice.


Procurement Lifecycle

The lifecycle consists of seven steps.

  1. Plan – Identify and understand the need 
  2. Collaborate – Define the product or service, and verify the budget
  3. Strategize – Ask Procurement for advice and identify the procurement pathway
  4. Manage – Conduct a solicitation
  5. Analyze – Select the product with the best value
  6. Negotiate – Negotiate an agreement compliant with CSU terms and policies
  7. Finalize – Execute a contract







Procurement Lifecycle Steps 1to 7, see details under Procurement Lifecycle heading

Procurement handles the following kind of agreements:

Agreements for the Purchase of Goods

Campus-wide Agreements (furniture, buses, moving companies)

Independent Contractor Agreements 

International Agreements

Lease Agreements

Low Cost Service Agreements (LCSA) (PDF)

Maintenance Agreements

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

ORSP: Grant/ Sub-Award/ Service Agreements

Service Agreements

Student Internship Agreements (Teaching and Clinical programs)


How to find agreements:

Service Agreements executed by Procurement after January 1, 2019 will be uploaded into CalUSource. CalUsource is a joint platform with the University of California. When logging in, please select the CSU system and San Francisco State University.

All staff members who joined the University before December 31, 2018 will automatically have access to this system and can login using their SF State credentials (single-sign-on). Staff members who joined the University after December 31, 2018 can request access by filling out the Access Request Form on the CalUSource website.

Service Agreements executed prior to January 1, 2019 and most other agreements can be found in San Francisco State Imaging System. If you do not have access to the Imaging System, please fill out the Imaging System Access Request Form on the Fiscal Affairs website.

To view PDF files, you may download Adobe Reader